5 pieces to keep you toasty

In autumn time it's all about layers; layers of leaves, layers of clothing and layers of bedding. In this weeks autumn diaries we talk about layers of soft and snuggly bedding, bedspreads  and cushions to keep you warm as it gets colder.

bedspread layers

Be a Bedding Pro

So you think you know it all about bedding? Take a look at our 'Be a Bedding Pro' post to see if you are a bedding beginner or a bedding expert...

be a bedding pro


Halloween Hacks

 It's 2 weeks until Halloween and we have gathered our top 5 most horrific Halloween hacks for an scarily spooky 31st October....



Why is sleep so good for you?

Why is sleep so good?

Here at Love2Sleep we well and truly adore sleep. We believe that you just can’t beat the feeling of snuggling down into the covers after a long day to have a relax and rest. We do understand, though, that getting enough Z’s in is easier said than done; but how important is sleep to us and how does sleep deprivation affect our health? Read on to find the answer...


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