Why is sleep so good for you?

Why is sleep so good?

Here at Love2Sleep we well and truly adore sleep. We believe that you just can’t beat the feeling of snuggling down into the covers after a long day to have a relax and rest. We do understand, though, that getting enough Z’s in is easier said than done; but how important is sleep to us and how does sleep deprivation affect our health? Read on to find the answer...


Welcome To The Autumn Diaries

It's official, autumn is here and we can already feel the not so sunny days getting shorter as the night grows longer and colder. The Autumn Diaries are a series of posts that are inspired by, well, autumn! Think leafy DIY inspiration, cosy blankets, snuggly duvets and getting set for hibernation mode. Whether you love autumn or well and truly hate it, Love2Sleep are here with you along the way...

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