With the increasing house prices more and more people are renting whilst saving up to buy a house. Renting is a great choice when getting ready to invest in your first place, but with limited options when it comes to decorating, making your temporary space feel like home can be a task. Although it may seem like an expensive project, Love2Sleep have put together cheap and cheerful ways to make your rented place a home...


1. Cushions

Throw cushions everywhere! Well, not everywhere, but comfy cushions are great for make sofas, beds and seating extra cosy. You could alsohave some huge floor cushions on hand for when friends and family pop over, making sure you have something to snuggle into for everyone.

Fusion Cotton Cushion 17” x 17”- Woodland Trees


2. Colours & Patterns

When you can't make a colour statement with your walls, make it with your accessories. Play with patterns on your bedding, curtains and cushions so that you can leave out the paint job.



3. Comfort

If you don't want to invest in expensive fancy chairs whilst you are renting then chair pads are a must. They add comfort, a pop of colour and the satin stripe design on these give a touch of luxury!

orange chair pad


4. Childrens rooms

Just because you can't paste wall paper all over your little ones room doesnt mean they can't have the bedroom of their dreams! Get creative with bedding of their favourite characters from Paw Patrol to Trolls.

Paw Patrol "Pawsome" Single Duvet Set






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