The time is coming soon! The grades have been released and it is now official - you or your loved one is moving away to uni accommodation to start their studies and independent life!

We know first-hand, as a family business, that this can be a really hard time for everyone. There is the worry of living in a new place with people you don't know, constantly thinking about what it will be like. Love2Sleep have put together this ultimate guide for moving into your uni house so that you can spend less time thinking about what you need and where to get it from giving you more time to be excited for the big day!


Before the moving day!


Kitchen Equipment

Don't spend a fortune on kitchen equipment. It WILL go missing if you store it in a shared kitchen!

Ok, so maybe we can't 100% guarantee this but we talk from experience when we say that in 99% of cases things are likely to go missing (yes - even if it has your name on it!). Due to this we wouldn't advise to buy expensive cookware that will cause upset if it happens to mysteriously disappear. Luckily, Love2Sleep have some great deals on all kinds of kitchen equipment such as pan sets, tea towels, oven gloves, tupperware boxes and most importantly - tin openers!


University pan cookware set

 Carbon steel, non-stick cookware set with glass lids & utensils



See our full range of kitchen accessories here!



Plastic Storage

If you plan on storing your kitchen equipment in your room to make sure it doesn't go walkies, you can put it neatly in a plastic storage box.  Plus it can come in useful for other bits and pieces that can be packed away - perfect for art students!



Get an all in one 'bed in a bag'. You can get a duvet, pillow, mattress protector and pillow protectors all in one go! Amazing time saver plus it's so cheap you could easily throw it away when moving out time comes if you want less to carry.

complete bedding set


* Another handy tip * Go for polycotton bed sheets. They are easy care, durable and best of all - cheap!



Categorise and label boxes.


When it comes to packing, arrange everything you want to take into room categories such as bedroom, kitchen and bathroom so when it comes to unpacking you can section the boxes into each room, saving time when finding the items you need. You could even put high priority items that you will need straight away such as your toiletries and bedding in a separate box so you can find them quickly. Label each box with a marker pen so you can pick them out.


You can also get extra large moving boxes from Love2sleep - Handy!


University moving packing boxes


482 x 397 x 585 EXTRA LARGE BOX PACK OF 5 




When you arrive at your new digs!



Take pictures of everything when you get there and make sure you list anything out of place on the inventory.

Accidents happen, we know, but if there are already breakages or damage when you arrive make sure you get all the evidence to make sure you don't end up paying your deposit out for something you didn't do.


Time to meet your flatmates!

This can be the most nerve racking thing about moving in, but as soon as you have introduced each other you will forget the nerves and excitement will set in for all the amazing adventures you will have together. At this point it may also be useful to decide between you and make clear which items will be communal.


The 1st shop

Whilst your parents/guardians are still around, it might be a good idea to take a trip to the local supermarket. This way you will know where to find it and you can also grab a few essentials (milk, bread, beans etc) to get the basic essentials set up.


Freshers fare

If your uni is throwing a fresher fare make sure you pop down to it, there are usually loads of freebies and great advice from current students which will come in handy. Find out where the best bars are, what groups you might like to join and also get the chance to meet new people.


General Tips


Be Organised

Don't leave everything until the day before. You won't realise how much stuff you really own until it comes to packing it! Start making lists of things you want to take with you a few weeks before you go and get organised at least 1 week before. This way you can spend as much time as possible with your friends and family before your departure.





If you can add any more tips of your own please feel free to leave a comment below - the more the merrier!




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