Tog rating is used to decide how warm a duvet is so that you can chose the best duvet type for the seasonal weather or your personal preference. It measures the thermal efficiency of the duvet and basically describes how warm (or cool!) the duvet will keep you when in use. Many people often believe that the tog rating relates to how thick or heavy the duvet is, and we can see why as you would think that the thicker the duvet = more warmth. This however is not the case!

Different duvet materials have different levels of thermal efficiency. For example feather and down filling is very heat insulating and is great for higher tog duvets but it is the heaviest. Hollowfibre filling also retains heat very well, even without lots and lots of filling inside the duvets which means that you can keep warm without being weighed down. This means that a 15.0 tog hollowfibre filled duvet may actually be lighter than a 15.0 tog feather and down duvet, but this doesn’t mean that it will keep you less warm, they have the same thermal efficiency.


Tog rating from coolest to warmest:


4.5 tog

7.5 tog

9.0 tog

10.5 tog

13.5 tog

15.0 tog



The best tog for you will be based on your specific needs; after all, everyone is different! For example if you have your heating on full blast 24/7 during the winter months it is unlikely that you would still need a 15.0 tog duvet. Or maybe you hate being too hot under the covers and a 7.5 tog will be your all year round duvet with just a flat sheet during summer. Only you can decide which suits you best through trial and error!




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